Politically incorrect reports & commentary

Political biography of an escapee from Massachusetts

How a regular citizen became a political activist and writer

     My engagement in politics began when I lived a block from the Lexington Battle Green in Massachusetts, the Birthplace of American Liberty. It's fitting that what first woke me up (yes, I'm woke) were the ever increasing local taxes and fees. And so I joined a concerned taxpayer group.

     Then my son was given a calculator for arithmetic in first grade, watched cartoons on TV for reading class in second grade, and was told he'd learn spelling by osmosis in third grade. (This in one of the top school districts in the state.) When the Lexington High School began handing out condoms in the cafeteria, I joined a parents'  network fighting graphic sex ed and the "gay safe space" push in the schools, and wrote a few columns for the local newspaper.

     I met some great people writing for The Massachusetts News (edited by Ed Pawlick, RIP). I eventually joined forces with Brian Camenker at the Parents' Rights Coalition in late 2003 when the state's Supreme Court ruled "gay marriage" a constitutional right -- and Governor Romney surrendered. I've been monitoring the slippery slope of Leftist outrages ever since.

     I grew up in Ohio, was a violin major at Oberlin Conservatory, graduated from Tufts University with a BA in History, earned an MAT from Brown University, and got a Violin Making Diploma from North Bennet Street School in Boston. I've worked at Harvard University, taught briefly in high school, and made violins.  It's been an interesting run. I'm all for people who change their minds about their work identities.

     I lived most of my adult years in Massachusetts before moving to the Mountain West. Sadly, there's no escaping the poisonous ideas that have overtaken the coasts and big cities! The crazies are invading these beautiful locales, too. We must keep fighting.